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Hey there Sioux Falls area friend! Thank you so much for stopping by.
If you don't already know, my family lives in a small town just outside of Rochester, MN, but my husband and I are originally from Sioux Falls, SD.

When my cookie business began in January of 2021, I had so many encouraging and supportive people from back home who were just aching to try my delicious sugar cookies! So, with a couple of phone calls and emails to the State of South Dakota and Minnesota, I was given the okay to sell across state lines. Woohoo! 

Long story short, even though I am at least a three and a half hour drive from you, there are a TON of opportunities throughout the year for you to enjoy some custom decorated sugar cookies, gourmet sugar cookies, hot cocoa treats, cookie cakes, and more from the Makay Sweets Home Bakery when my family and I come back home.

The best way to get your hands on cookies and other desserts by Makay Sweets is by ordering them through a pre-sale. Pre-sales are sales that are are typically designed around holidays or special occasions coming up (i.e. Easter, Halloween, Christmas, etc.), where you pre-order your goodies through and I will deliver your order to a Sioux Falls, SD location to be picked up. 

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Please also join me in my private Facebook Group called 'Makay Sweets-Sioux Falls' to get all of the same VIP email perks, but also enjoy sneak peeks at current orders, polls and humorous baking meme's, and participate in giveaways that are exclusive to VIP members only!

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Custom Orders
Another way to enjoy Makay Sweets in the Sioux Falls area is by requesting a custom order. Occasionally I can accept a custom order in SD if it coordinates with my traveling schedule, or if you or someone you know is able to pick them up from my home bakery. Please send an email to with your name and details of your order request and I will check my calendar and do my best to see if I can accommodate you!

- kandice

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